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Does anyone else get nervous about going to the doctors or to see consultants?

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with my consultant. It was originally booked in for me to have the coil fitted but since my check up I have had very bad pain on a daily basis and new symptoms such as bleeding after sex and 2 periods in one month, one of them lasting 16 days, that I have changed my mind.

I am going there tomorrow to tell her that I would like another operation before getting the coil fitted so that any endo that has grown back can be removed before the coil is put in.

She gave me this option in the first place so I don't know why I am so nervous about telling her I have changed my mind?!

I feel so stupid sometimes when I talk to the doctors or my consultant but I think it is because they know so little about this condition that they make you feel stupid.

Anyone else get this?

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Hi I know what you mean and it really shouldn't be like that. They SHOULD know more than we do. They're supposed to be the experts . I even feel nervous just going to GP about anything, so you're not alone.


I empathise with you. I get extremely nervous when going to the doctors or the hospital. I get anxious about having to talk to people anyway, but I think it makes it worse that I have to discuss a personal topic to the doctor.

You're not alone. I feel it helps when I take someone with me. I usually take my mum, because I freeze up at first, but once she's explained to the doctor why we're there, I then feel able to follow that up in more detail.

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Hi, yes I always feel nervous, and I come out in a big rash on my face and neck, it's so silly to get so worked up, I just find them a bit intimidating and at there Mersey

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I do feel that some doctors could do with a course on 'bedside manner' because they don't make it easy to talk to them. What I do if I feel I've got a doctor like that, or one I don't know, is write everything out, so it helps me focus on what I want to get over.

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