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Changing diet to reduce Endometriosis pain

Hi all new to this site, feeling a little stuck at moment as I am struggling to control pain and unable to have much treatment as I want to try and conceive. I have recently turned 33 and feel as though I have been through the mill a bit. I myself found my first endometrioma back in 2013, it 12cm, I had that removed in May of that year. I then had a small one rupture at the end of June 2013, that was just 3cm. Then it started to get worse in Jan 2014, just when I was preparing to IVF, after my first lot of surgery my consultant said it was my best chance at conceiving. So another scan showed I had another cyst of 7cm, on my left ovary (the last had been on my right!) so hence another operation in May 2014. This quickly followed by a round of IVF, which unfortunately did not work. so next plan was to have prostap for 6 months then try again!!! Prostap really helped with my pain, however I did not manage to try another round of IVF as my husband and split up. So earlier this year I start having pain again, another scan and yep you guessed it another cyst :( this time it's 8cm on my left ovary and my right Fallopian tube has fluid. During all this time I have met a wonderful new partner who also wants children, so my consultant says now I have to wait until we are ready for IVF, before I can have it removed :( so it's a case of keeping up with pain relief and getting on with life!!! so I am seeing if anybody else has had any success in changing diet to help pain and recurrence!

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Why do you need to wait in pain until your ready for ivf. I don't understand that, are you being seen at a BSGE centre?


Well I suppose it's not great to keep going through surgery, he wants to do it as close as he can to IVF to give me best possible chance of IVF working. Yes it's a BSGE centre, I do trust his opinion, and I know he is a good surgeon. The first time he operated on me, it was wrapped around one of my ureters and was causing my urine to back up to kidneys. He did a good job then. This time it's stuck to part sigmoid peritoneum so I know it's going to be another tricky operation. I suppose I should also say I am a radiographer who carries out MRI scans so know what's going on inside pretty well, and I know my endometriosis is fairly severe.


Oh I see what you mean, about it being as close in time as possible, it just seams so cruel to have to wait, I keep thinking about trying the diet, but it seams hard to stick too.

Good luck xxx

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Your story is similar to mine with the IVF and desperate to be a mum with the Endo curse. I just wanted to recommend a fabulous book which may just inc the information that you need. The heartbreak of struggling to be a mum was the hardest most painful time in my life and I wish I had read this Endo Nutrition book earlier then I may not have needed to go down the IVF route. Anyway the book points out that a huge portion of endo sufferers are Gluten intolerant and that by simply removing things from your diet your immune system improves and many have become pregnant as a result.

Ive enlisted the help of a nutritionist and a York Test has shown im allergic to Gluten, yeast, Corn and other things. As I would have been consuming these things a few times per day no wonder my immune system was weakened.

Anyway the book Im talking about is Endometriosis- A key To Healing Through Nutrition. Authors are Dian Shepperson Mills & Michael Vernon.

Dian Mills has a clinic in London. Many women have become pregnant after her help.

I know how devastating it can be when your desperate for a child and babies seem to be everywhere but in your arms. I truly hope this information helps you.

Big Hugs Fiona B xx

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