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😢 fed up & need advice 😢

Hi Ladies,

I had my second lap in August last year & the consultant suggested a coil to help with pain.

I was fine until January, I saw my consultant for a follow up & because I had been having a lot of spotting he suggested taking Norethisterone, after five days of taking it I had a lot of pain so my GP told me to stop taking this.

But I'm still in pain 😢 The pain the other day was so bad I felt like I was going to faint 😢

I took five days off the other week & here I am today laying on the sofa in pain again! Trying to get my up & sorted for work. I'm so worried about the amount of time I've had off 😢

I think like most of us on here I suffer with depression & anxiety, so worried about work & everything to be honest.

I'm waiting for an ultrasound & consultant appointment but not sure what they will suggest to help.

Sorry for the moan but I know you ladies will understand xxxx

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No advice here sorry but just to say I feel your pain.

I had my 2nd lap last March, I had a coil put in whilst I was under. 6 weeks later it expelled itself and I've been dreadful ever since with the pain and symptoms worsening each month.

Have you tired looking at your diet to see if changing that makes any difference?

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Hi Flops08,

Sorry to hear of your pain, it really is mentally draining so you really are not alone - there are others on here who feel the same.

One thing I would say, but again it does vary per person, is that I found the coil made my bleeding and pain worse. I stayed with it for about 2-3 months I think, to give it settling down time but after that I begged them to take it out. I had the same issue with the arm implant. The only thing that 100% worked and was actual bliss was Zoladex injections but you can only have them for 3 months - that was the best 3 months of my life!!

After trial and error with various treatments, I've settled on Ovysmen. It really worked for a long time - settled down the bleeding and the pain however it has crept up in the past year with irregular spotting getting heavier and heavier each time which is why I'm back at the GP's to see if it's Ovysmen not working on me or if there's an underlying cause (they think it cysts again - oh the joy of having those removed if it is!).

What I would recommend is when you next see your consultant, is to really make sure they fully understand the pain you're in and the affect it is having on your work life. I am incredibly lucky that I have an understanding line manager about this (and he's a guy!) but there are those out there who don't. If you're worried about your job, you make sure you tell your gyny that as sometimes that gets across to them more of how much you're suffering. Do you know when your next appointment is? If not, you could ring your GP and ask for an update?

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