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IUI and chlomid

Hi all just wondering if there was anyone out there in a similar situation. I have been TTC for over a year now and had dye test done which showed my tubes are fine but had adhesion scars from previous op. Everything was looking good but I still didn't fall pregnant. This month is going to be my first iui session along with chlomid and injections. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience

We are being offered 4 sessions of iui and then ivf. However at my last visit to the hospital they did say that I can try for ivf after 2 sessions of iui if it's not successful.

Thank you x

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hi how are you now, any lucky? I am endometriosis and only had one egg for my first ivf cycle don't know will iui better for me, how did yours go? all the best to you xxx


Hi! Thanks for your reply,  our first session of iui didn't work, we are due for another session this month but instead of chlomid we are going to use injectables as chlomid made my womb thin. This whole process is an emotional roller coaster!!! We're you offered ivf first?  Usually they offer iui and then ivf. Hopefully we fall preggers this year!! 


I am so happy to see your reply, thank you. no nobody ever mentioned iui to me, we just went on Ivf, I might discuss with my doctor on next appointment. let's be strong and keep going, all the best.xxx


Have you been doing ivf though NHS? And also did you have a lap and dye test to see if your tubes were blocked?  I had one done last October and my tubes were good but I had adhesions from a previous op and that's why I was told to try iui first.  If your tubes are blocked then you don't have a good chance on iui. Let's see what happens I have 3 more goes on the nhs for iui.  And if that Dosent work then it's ivf x


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