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any help is welcome

Hi I've had my 2nd lap in June 1215. And the doctors said they cleaner all the endometriosis. And I've had the coil in for about 2 and bit years. I don't have periods. For the lost few months ive been bleeding 24/7.. Then for the last 5days I've had blood on the Lou roll when I've been 2 wee. And my first wee in the mornings the bowl is bloody and it don't matter if I go 2 wee at 4am or 6am. It's just getting 2 me now

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Have you been to the doctor? Bleeding 24/7 is not good. I've been there. As for the other symptoms you describe, I get those too but not sure why. I've been told I have severe endo though. If I were you I'd go back and get it checked out.


Hi. I've been to doctors time and time again but they won't do anything just keep talling me it's an endo thing. But I have got a scan on Thursday


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