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Help sleep paralysis and false awakenings

Has anyone had this since having the coil?

I had mine fitteded middle of Dec and since then every couple of weeks within the first couple of hours of falling asleep I wake up.

Well I think I wake up I can hear everything around me. I'm exactly where I am when I went to bed but I just feel.something isn't right. I go to call out and I can't talk properly i cant keep my eyes open. That's when I realise I am still asleep. Then I will have several false awakenings in a row all whilst still dreaming them and still fully aware this is happening. I'm literally screaming (in my head not out loud)

When I finally wake for real it takes me a little while to know if I am actually awake. My heart is racing from the panicking and then I can't sleep. I am typing this after just going through it again and now unable to sleep.

Could this be related to the coil? Thanks in advance x

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Hello. It is a very strange feeling when you know you're in a dream. I have had this happen many times since childhood. I've noticed it happens more when I'm highly stressed and experiencing severe anxiety. I had the IUD Liletta a few months ago and had incredibly vivid dreams/nightmares. I think it may be related, but couldn't say for sure.


Thank you for your reply.

I may make an appointment and have a chat with the gp I can't function on such little sleep. I keep getting terrible headaches and I haven't stopped bleeding since having it fitted which I don't think is helping x

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Hi, I hope you're feeling a little better today. I've had awful migraines most of my life. I use a Green Oil Topical Analgesic that works very very well. I also find relief with a microwaveable spearmint scented heat pack. Good luck with your GP!



Thank you. I'm still waiting on an appointment. I am starting an exercise class tonight to see if that helps me sleep a bit better as well x

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Oh that sounds like fun, good luck with everything 😊


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