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Feels like my life is on hold

I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year after suffering for many years, my first batch of surgery came back completely inconclusive but it was just a general gyne and it wasn't until I was seen in a BSGE centre that I finally had some of this evil disease removed. I'm used to being in pain everyday and I know how to medicate it for some basic relief. I've now got a stomach ulcer caused by my painkillers, specifically the NSAIDS, I'm in unbearable pain that I just can't seem to do anything for? Taking my normal painkillers just seems to make it worse!! Has anybody else suffered with this? I'm trying some PPI medication to try and help but I'm really struggling with the side effects and the near constant pain! I've lost lots of weight this week and just feel like there is no way out, I feel trapped in this body that always seems to be fighting against me. The worst thing is I know it's only going to get worse, the endometriosis is never going to go away, I'm only 26 but feel absolutely lost, alone and hopeless. Going to try and go back to my GP tomorrow to beg for some help with this ulcer, I can't sleep or eat without pain. Sorry for the rant but I just feel so alone

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Sadly I don't have any advice for you about the stomach ulcer - the most I've ever done is taken omeprazole - but I wanted to reply to assure you that you're not alone in this. My body seems to be fighting against me as well!! I hope your GP can help you x


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