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Post surgery

Hi everyone!!

I'm new here so a bit of background..

I first got pain in my right side in Jan 14, and after numberous trips to the doctors and a&e, I finally got referred by a lovely lady to my gynaecologist in about June. They then put me on a waiting list for a diagnostic lap in September which confirmed endo. I was then put on the injection for six months from Nov 14 to Apr 15 to see if this would clear up the symptoms. Surprise surpise they returned, went back to Gynae in June and they referred me for surgery and treatment. I finally had this done on 19th Jan 16.

So two weeks has passed, I'm back to work having been signed off for two weeks but I still feel so rubbish. I STILL have that same pain in my right side that started it all off which is really disappointing as I expected that to have gone after surgery (I had diathermy), I am absolutely exhausted, needing sleep all the time. I went to work yesterday, got sent home, slept for over three hours and still had a full nights sleep. I also have had five or six 'funny turns' after surgery. I go really pale, feel really weak and sick and really like I'm about to faint but don't. The only thing that makes me feel better is sleep, and even then the weird feeling isn't sorted.

I'm really worried, so I went back for am emergency GP appointment today to check i wasn't being a baby and that these things were normal. I didn't really get my answers, but as it happens it was the lovely lady that first referred me to Gynae that I saw today. She told me all about endometriosis uk, explained I have just had major surgery and need to take it easy. She made me feel really at ease so it is because of here I am here now.

I'm hoping someone can help put me at ease even further as this was my first surgery with treatment. Got over the diagnostic lap much quicker. Sorry for long post and thanks for any help xx

Ps- after my lap in my surgery notes, it says endo was found in right side, pod (pouch of Douglas) and US? Can't find anywhere what this is, can anyone help? Thanks again x

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Hi - it can take you quite a while to get over a lap and your body will still be trying to recover. It is early days.

The pouch of Douglas if a fold of peritoneum between the back of the cervis and the bowel with the uterosacral ligaments running through it. So I'm guessing that is what US is referring to. Deeper endo in this area is often missed in general gynaecology and shouldn't be treated anyway, especially not with thermal ablation as it can cause damage to the bowel. Ablation only treats the surface of endo anyway and the recurrance rates are high. You need to be seen in a specialist endo centre - have a look at my post on how to find one.

If only all GPs were like yours.


Hi and welcome to the site, you need to remember what you have been through, it is early dates, so take time to recover, but I would suggest you listen to Lindle she is very informative, if your pain doesn't go away you should be seen in a BSGE centre, a lot of genral gyne do not have the skill needed to deal with mist endo surgeries

Good luck, xx


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