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Endo and my birthday

So because of my endometriosis I have been ill in bed all day unable to move and its my birthday! I have never felt so lonely and sad. I can't go out with friends because I will just drag them back because of the amount of pain I am in and no one want to come see me because I am ill. I just want this horrible and crippling illness to go! I am so fed up of feeling exhausted in everything I do. I just want to be able to celebrate like everyone else. To be a normal 20 year old.

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Endo has a way of knowing the days you are looking forward to and spoils them.

Big hugs. Happy birthday xx


I'm so sorry to hear that :( I've had similar experiences (pretty much daily!) and they are worse than the illness. Wishing you a happy birthday from me!!! x


Happy birthday! Hope you feel better today. You should think long term. Try to treat endometriosis as much as possible so you feel better next year. Do everything, including herbal remedies, natural treatments etc. If possible, see a naturopath, excluding gluten and wheat from you diet can do miracles. Also dairy.

You will have many more birthdays, my dear! And why cant your best friend come and visit you at your home on your birthday? Did you invite? A good friend understands that you can not go out all the time.

If your friends are not so understanding, why dont you take a contact with some girls from local endo group, who would understand completely what you are going trough?

Good luck. Dont give up. Life is beautiful despite endo.


Firstly happy birthday!! Sending you love and hugs!! Xx please don't feel your on your own..I know it's hard for friends or anyone to understand the pain and the feelings you have that's caused by endo if they don't have it..but you should definitely look into a support group..check endouk site because they will have lots of information for you that's how I found my area one, as you would meet other women to talk to...I know it's all very daunting and you feel when will I ever be better but have you had any treatments?. I seen on your last post about the mirena coil? Sending you Postive vibes today and if you ever want a wee chat just message on this xxx


Oh dear, I feel your pain, the amount of things I've missed over the last couple of years is huge,

Can I ask if you decided to go ahead with a laporscopy to diagnose and remove endo if there, or did you have coil,

Why don't you ask a few friends over for pj and takeaway night, get a film ext,

Do you have any friends that do beauty treatments or reflexology,

Can I ask where you live.


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Happy Birthday Wishes & lots of positivity for you! I don't personally suffer from that but I have friends who do. Please try & make the most of your special day but if you can't celebrate then postpone it & plan a double-whammy! The Pyjama Party sounds good, loads of yummiest & a fab film?


Happy birthday x


Endo is a bastard!!! Excuse my language!!! It always seems to strike at the most inopportune moment, for me it was my wedding day... I got through the ceremony OK and stayed at the reception until 6pm but I literally had to go home at that point, pain and nausea was too much. Needless to say we did not consumate the marriage that night😂. Instead I was in my PJ's watching back to the future II (We got married on back to the future day 21/10/15).. It's a fucker but sometimes you just have to go with the flow, don't get too caught up on what it stops you doing and think about the things that you so when it isn't so bad! Chin up chick! 😊 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎂


Endo messed up by Christmas day !! Happy birthday have a lovely time celebrating when your endo has calmed down.

I had a delayed Christmas day when I could eat and get out of bed. Had a great time and no sprouts why hey. Hope you feel better soon xx


It's my birthday tomorrow and if I can get through the day tear free I will be grateful. Sending you a massive hug from one sufferer to another. There will be better days and awesome birthdays to come. Your friends will feel sad because they care, they hate to see you hurting and because the you they know warrants their love. It is NEVER about you dragging them down. ENDO does this, not you. NEVER, EVER YOU.

Wishing you the best of everything, always.




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