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I have had endometriosis for atleast 2 years, been diagnosed for 1 year. I had my first surgery in February of last year, and I am going into my second sugary next week. This past month or 2 has been the worst pain I have ever had. My first surgery was done by a regular GYN surgeon, not a specialist so she just cut me open, diagnosed me then sewed me up. My surgery next week is with a specialist, thank god. But I have a concern...

I have had extreme chest pains literally right over my heart area. I have made 5 ER trips and been assigned to a cardiologist. After all the Ultrasounds, and Chest X-rays, they cannot find anything.... Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

Does anyone have a similar story?

Does anyone think I may have endometriosis around that area? Or nerves damaged?.. Needing advice. ❤️

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Hi it could be tied in with the pain causing stress and anxiety, which can cause chest pain. Good luck with op.


I have had episodes of chest pain shortness of breathe and feeling dizzy which I believe is linked. X


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