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Why are these gyne docs, that have next to no real experience with endo allowed to treat ladies and operate on the types of endo that should only be seen by a specialist,

If there is a nhs contract in place, stating that certain types and location of endo should only be treated at a BSGE centre, why don't they stick to it?

Just dont understand, my husband is an electrician and unless he has a certain training, he can not check and sing off work,

So why are genral gyne allowed to get away with it?

Really is very wrong.

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Hi Hun I totally agree. I'm very very luck to have been referred straight to a specialist unlike yourself and most other women. It makes me so angry that other end up suffering because of this when they shouldn't be. Hope you are well.


I cant agree more, my first lap and endometrioma removal was with a general gyne. And my second lap was at a BSGE accredited hospital.

They general gyne left one of the small endometrioma cysts inside.. "because it was only small" and then a month later I was told it was much bigger and that I needed another operation. I was heartbroken!

And honestly my 3 week old scars look far neater and less obvious than my 7 month old scars.

We should be told about these centres, by the doctors! I only found out because of Lindle. X


Me too, now I'm posting about them to anyone that will listen, my go didn't even know they existed, it's terrible xx

I hope your recovery well, x


I totally agree and wish I knew about this before I let my gynae doctor care for me over the years. I was always told I had 'hardly any endo'. 18 months ago I was in awful pain. Gynae doctor did a lap (my 4th) and said I had"little endo" Also had the Novasure procedure during this op. I was in so much pain I was on on opiate based drugs and my post op appointment was brought forward. I was discharged at this appointment after being told I was 'making up the pain and was mad and pain was bowel'. So I heard about specialist BSGE centres from another gynae doctor who saw me on an admission via A&E for pain. I paid for a private consultation and two months later I had surgery to remove extensive and deep patches of endo and I had to have one ovary and tube removed. Unfortunately it was discovered that the Novasure procedure was done incorrectly and I still have some pain in this area. I am having a total hysterectomy and removal of remaining ovary next week. I completely hold the gynae Doctor resonsible. It has been an awful year. So please DO NOT see a GYNAE for Endo investigation.


God you poor thing, that's terrible he has a lot to answer too, are you complaining?? I had a hysterectomy in July last year, I recovered well, its not as horrid as I thought it would be, if you have any questions fire away, I'm still in pain daily and am awaiting MRI results, with a specialist, my gyne has told me I had minimal endo and he removed it all, hyst was for adenomyosis, I'm sure his missed the endo that's causing the pain. Good luck xxx


Goodness me you have had an awful time too. I was actually working for the gynae team (I am a nurse) and have known this gynae man for years. I was so disgusted by the way I was treated and lack of support from colleagues I left. I have sought legal advice due to negligence, loss of earnings etc. So hopefully I can sort it out. My GP wrote to him 6 weeks ago to ask exactly what he 'burnt' as pain is so awful. Well he hasn't replied and my op is next week. So that's another thing for the solicitor to deal with!

The questions I would like to ask are did you have cervix removed and if so are you aware of this or does your body feel the same as before the op. Sorry this is a strange question but for some reason this is bothering me. Also were you in a lot of pain when you woke up and when anaesthetic had worn off? Any tips or advice would be welcome. Thank you so much x


Hi, Tboag! Absolutely agree with you on the point! This just mustn't be!

I cannot say I personally experienced the same thing myself. But have heard PLENTY of the stories of this kind. Seems like some docs find it easier to perform any kind of a surgery but not to try the treatment with appropriate medications. As this means piles of papers, tests, scans, time for needed medication selection which cannot suit the patient from the very first time. And then he/she has to change it into another one if needed and so on. Probably docs just want to ease their life when not doing all the things they're supposed to do. It sounds really unpleasant but women face this too often lately.

I should say my surgeon did his best to perform the operation on my endo. He made agreat try to create the miracle. But not everything depended on him then. I mean Igot rid of pain but didn't get the ability of natural conceiving because of my egg quality. But the doc was marvelous himself and put trust in him without hesitation.

If only those unprofessional could be replaced by docs like him!

Hugs xx


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