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Constant Back Pain - Why?

Hello All - I am hoping someone can give me some words of comfort. I was diagnosed via a lap in March 2014, and after that I was put on the mini pill and Amitriptyline. Apart from a flare up in August of that year which I think lasted about six weeks I have had no pain other than the occasional niggle. Due to the pill I have no periods.

That was until November when my back pain has come back (very occasionally pains at the front) and I had good days and bad, but almost always some form of pain daily.

I increased my dose of Amitriptyline (which is what my doctor recommended last time), and it helped a bit, but then I had a 'show' of blood on Sunday and since then my back has been horrific.

Is this just another prolonged flare up? What should I do? Has anyone else had flare ups lasting this long?

I have a very demanding job and it's dragging me down being back to daily pain again after almost two years of next to nothing?

Please help!

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Hi - I see you had severe endo with your bowel heavily affected and also that it was an expert in endo that did your surgery. Was it all successfully excised and were you given an MRI prior to the op to locate any endo outside the peritonuem that might have been contributing to your pain? I assume you will have been treated in a BSGE endo centre as is required by NHS regulations with severe endo but I'm putting the link here just to be sure he is named at a centre:


You will have had pain questionnaires to complete 6 and 12 months after surgery and will get another at 24 months which will be this March. But as you have concerns now I should get back in touch with the centre to bring forward a review. x


Do you know where your endo was and what treatment was used it was it excised or burnt off, shaved etc.?

It's very possible it has come back I'm afraid, was you seen by a genral gyne or at a specialist BSGE centre?



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