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9 weeks since laprascopy at N&N ... no news

It will have been 9 weeks on Weds this week since I had my laprascopy to see if I have Endo! I've called my docs every week and still they have no news.

When I left the hospital I was told I'd hear back in 6-8 weeks as I'll need a follow up appointment but I've had no letters, no phone calls, there's nothing even on my records at the docs of my results.

I'm really annoyed and wondering what's the best thing to do now? I lost the bit of paper which had the right number for the hospital department. If anyone knows the right number to call please let me know, thanks.

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I would ring your consultants secretary, and ask her for an update, do you know anything from the laporscopy or not?



I know nothing apart from that it went well. About 30 mins after the op I was back at home. I had two incisions - belly button and bikini. I spoke to a secretary in the gyne department. She said I'm on a waiting list for a check up and my results aren't back yet.


Is it a BSGE centre?....if so here is the list and contact details bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

Hope it helps xxx


Yes, I think I was put through to the right department. She said she'd put a note on my records to say I called :/


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