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Suspected endometriosis, laparoscopy hasnt helped, feeling lost 😣

Hi guys. So since i was 18 ive been dealing with incredibly painful periods to the point im on the floor in agony, pelvic pain, pain during sex. Im now 25.

My doctors suspected endometriosis and put me forward for a laparoscopy. A month before my op i started to suffer from severe constipation and whenever i ate my food would come up. Sort of like belching my food up. I assumed it was a new symptom and hoped it would go away after my op.

So i had my op done four months ago. I was told there was no endometriosis found but they removed adhesions, scaring tissue and a 5cm cyst on my right ovary that had been there for over a year.

I thought the op had worked as after a month i was pain free and my periods were normal for once which was amazing. However things have gone downhill gradually. The constipation i have only seems to flare up after i ovulate but lately it feels like its becoming a every day thing. I get an extremely swollen and painful belly and im still throwing up my food. I went and had a gastroscopy and an xray but everything has come back fine. Im seeing a new doctor who now thinks its a gynaecology problem. Ive noticed my pelvic pains are creeping back and my period pains have come back and are getting more and more painful like before. The constipation and throwing up is really making me miserable as i look like im 5 months pregnant most of the time now.

Im feeling very miserable as ive seen quite a few different doctors and none of them seem to know whats wrong. One doctor i recently saw said he saw a bit of pcos on my right ovary after doing a scan. I dont really know what to believe as im being told different things by different doctors and just feel like no one really cares.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing all of this and if anyone else is or has experienced similar symptoms?

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hi - where are you in the UK as treatment options vary?


Im in london. I was in sweden for half a year and tried to get treatment out there also but there also not much help. Im now waiting for a follow up appointment in london but it just feels like im being passed around from doctor to doctor.


Can you send me a private message - click my name the message from the top right - and let me know the name of the gynaecologist who did your lap.


Hi Tiana, I can't really help but read your post and just wanted to let you know you're not alone and that I hope you get the help you need. Please listen to Lindle as she's the best person to help. Thinking of you.


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