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3 months Prostap still getting periods - is this normal?

Hi ladies

just wondering if anyone has any advice or similar situation - I have had 3 months of Prostap for my endo and due my 4th on Monday but I'm still getting my period. I had to leave work today as I was in so much pain. The bleeding is ligher but I thought it should have stopped by now. Pain wise during the month it's better but hasn't disappeared completely. Does this mean the Prostap isn't working properly?


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Hello. I have had my 4th prostap on 14th Jan and had a period the week leading up to it and about 5 weeks before that. But weirdly I'm certain I hadn't ovulated as had done tests too - not as regular as would but in good enough time it would have at least picked up the before or after hormones but tests were stark white continuously (and have been entire time on prostap). I have had an overall good experience on prostap but still have had some pain attacks and contractions and 2 periods/bleeds lasting a week but not as bad as my periods usually are but consultant was still really surprised and brought my injections forward but still had this last bleed. Weird!

I'm having my total hysterectomy on 8th Feb so hopefully this was my last period.

I hope you get some releif from the bleeding but wanted you to know I too have had it so you weren't alone x


Thanks for your reply - nice to know I am not alone! Very strange as I really thought everything would just stop after the second / third injection so I was just quite surprised. If it is not working properly I don't want to keep taking it as my pain hasn't completely stopped and the side effects aren't great. Although I am only 25 and would really love children in a year or two with my partner, so I think my gyne is just trying to keep the endo 'at bay', so to speak!

Good luck with your hysterectomy, I hope you have a speedy recovery and it helps with all your endo :)



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