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Oily skin/acne/dark hair around mouth

I am 40, and in the last year my skin has become extremely oily and I really mean extremely, as opposed to just oily, which it has been since I was about 15, I am being treated for acne around my chin and mouth area with a prescription treatment that seems to be keeping it under control, and tonight, I have had to get the tweezers out and pluck the hair from around my mouth, as more dark ones are appearing, and I am sometimes having to shave there.

I went to the doctor 3 months ago and he did a blood test which came back as "Satisfactory" in their words, and yet, something is obviously up. I thought maybe Polycystic ovaries, but I assume that would have shown up in the blood test.

Could this be something to do with my endometriosis/adenomyosis messing my hormones up, I wondered if anyone else had had this, as my doctor says he can find nothing wrong, so seems to want to do nothing more. I am on the progesterone only pill, but no other medication at the moment. I am slim, no weight problems, and healthy in every other way.

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Try threading for the hair and freederm for the acne both very effective. If you have the money Lancôme poducts are also excellent for sensitive/acne prone skin, very gentle.

Could be pcos, Endo, stress, or just the joys of turning 40 with the hair - it seems to increase with age! Skin changes all the time, sometimes it can be dramatic.

Pcos diagnosed via ultrasound x


I always had quite bad acne since I was a teenager, now in my late 30s . Never known exactly what the cause was but since I have come off the pill there is a pattern so it is clear to me that hormones definitely have an influence. Mine gets more active around ovulation and it is always around my chin, top part of the neck. Endo is associated with hormonal inbalances and also as we get older hormones levels can also change. There is a book called the hormone reset diet that I found useful in the past. X


I am past products like freederm and lancome unfortunately, and am on the prescription strength cream called "epiduo" after I had great big cysts under my skin and nothing from the chemist made any difference. Thankfully its mainly the oiliness now.

I didn't realise PCOS was diagnosed with an ultrasound, I will give it a few more months then go back to my Dr. I


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