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Any indication on time

Hello ladies,

I hope you are having a pain free day?

I am looking for some opinions/advise. I was referred to an endo clinic last year and went for my first appointment in the beginning of December. After discussing my symptoms with the Dr I was prescribed 6 months of Zoladex and 75mg of Pregabalin. I was also told I would need to have an MRI to see what was going on in there. To my surprise I was given an appointment for the 22nd of December, within two weeks of my appointment. The Dr had told me that if they managed to get me in before Christmas then my case could be discussed in the new year and they would bring me in to go through surgery options. I was pleased with the speed and after the new year I waited for my letter. Well I have had nothing so I called them yesterday to be told that I wouldn't be seen until March (the preliminary appointment I was requested to book after my first appointment and told I wouldn't need to put in the diary as I would be in before that.

Despite the Zoladex and pregabalin and the morphine and co-codamol I am taking for the pain, I cant remember the last day I wasn't suffering with pain all around my pelvis and legs. Due to the Zoladex my hormones are all over the place and just generally feel fed up with it all.

Has anyone got any advise as to how I can speed things along? How long did you wait to be seen after your MRI? It isn't my local hospital and I don't know how much sway my GP would have. I appreciate I am very fortunate in having been seen and having the scan done so quickly but I had it in my head that from what they said it wouldn't be for much longer until I had surgery....now the light at the end of the tunnel is looking pretty non-existent.

Please help!

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Hi, I was Sen by a doe islet on the 18th Dec, I've got my MRI on sat, and I got aletter for follow up on the 23rd April, I wasn't pleased with that as its 3 months after MRI, so I phoned the hospital and was lucky enough to get my appointment brought forward to 26th Feb, 5 weeks after MRI, might be worth a try, to ting appointment line at the hospital.

Good luck


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Hi Beth can't really help with waiting times but how long have you been on the Zoladex for?


I'm half way through my 2nd month.


Hi Beth. I'm sorry your still in pain , things tend to settle down but unfortunately these types of drugs don't work for everyone.


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