Nerve damage?

Hello all hope all is well. I've not been on here for a while I've been feeling so low. I had a spinal treatment a few months ago and it's done nothing but aggravate the pain and endo. But since then my right leg kills keeps going numb I lose all feeling and keep falling because of it. It's driving me insane. Has anyone else had this problem? I feel like screaming it's so frustrating. Xx

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  • I haven't had spinal treatment though I have the same think my doctor said the endo is lying on a nerve and causing it I have been prescribed gabapentin and eases it though doesn't full may it disappear xxxx

  • Hi thank you for the reply. I was told that the endo is growing up my spine, and that's why I needed spinal treatment I saw my gp today who is concerned something went wrong in surgery. I don't know what to think. See i know the endo had caused problems with my leg before but nothing like this, I have tried Gabapentin but now taking pregabalin. Don't know if it's better or worse? Along with morphine and some others. I'm so frustrated with it all and confused by something that my specialist said is now playing on my mind I am sorry I am rambling on. Thank you very much for your reply, hope your well xxxx

  • Hi nikita

    Sorry to hear endo is growing up your spine, and sorry to hear doc thinks something went wrong in surgery surely she should be referring you back or having you admitted for investigation especially with the pain your in despite being on morphine, shame you so confused Hun not good, and nothing worse than having something playing on your mind hope it nothing to serious Hun? Your not rambling on and it's good to talk to others facing the same problems as oh aren't always as supportive. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, I had my medication changed again today and have to go back for a review in two weeks time I'm sore tired and fed up with it xxxxx

  • I don't know tbh I never understand what's going on. And well the thing is I was told I can't have children at 21 and now at 26 they say I can. Which I was over joyed about but I'm confused as to why I couldn't before and can now. It really is nice to talk to others going through the same. If you don't mind me asking why have you had your meds changed and from what to what? Awww bless you I know how that feels hunni , im here if you want to talk xxxxx

  • It's so annoying is it trying to get your head round everything isn't it, that must've been a terrible although at 21 you probably hadn't thought of having children then to be told you couldn't have children would have made you think of having children all the more, then now five years down the line to be told you can have children you must be overjoyed and very very confused as to why it's all suddenly changed Hunni, it may be that you tubes were blocked or twisted and they have now became unblocked or untwisted. I have been changed from dhydracodene to tramadol, I also take paracetamol, gabapentin. I was on tramadol before though I came out in loads of hives so they changed to dhydracodene though the just not cutting the pain, I take 9 gabapentin a day at 300mg though I still in pain. Here anytime you want a chat Hun so good to have someone to speak to. Feel like friends and oh is sick of me moaning and always being ill so I hate going out. XXXXXX

  • Your not kidding there its the most annoying thing ever. All I want is to be a mum it's killing me that were struggling to get caught atm. But yes you are right I'd love to know why it's changed. I only have one ovary and tube now as they had to remove my other as it was that damaged , aww bless you I hope you settle with them and they give you relief. Ditto hunni here for a chat anytime I really a

  • I really appreciate it and I know what you mean you can't make plans or look forward to anything as always ill. Sorry hit the wrong thing lol ty so much xxxxx

  • I know exactly what you saying Hunni shame feel so sorry for you, I know it's so hard to have a life with this endo and all its complications and pains and medication, I know it's so hard that atm becoming a mum ain't happening though never give up my friend my friend has suffered for years and took her 11 years to finally have her second child, that was after being told her endo was that severe shed need a hysterectomy. Thanks very much you too speak soon and her anytime you need a chat xxxxx

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