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Help! Trying to Decipher my Post-op Letter!


I need some help! I received my post-op letter yesterday (had my lap on 21st December), but some of the wording in it is just completely confusing! See below some of the things that I don't understand what they signify... :-/

- The Peritoneum was quite angry & red looking with pocketing suggestive of Endometriosis on the left side of the rectum & also on the right side wall

- The ureter had to be deflected upwards to excise the peritoneum on the left side from just below the ureter into the para rectal space on the left

I've tried Googling the above to find some answers, but I really can't come up with anything that helps :-(

I understand where the rectum is, obviously, but where on earth / what is the para rectal space & what is meant by my peritoneum being red & angry & the pocketing?!!

Help! x

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I'm no surgeon but para is used to mean 'adjacent to' so they are referring to the space next to your rectum which seems as though it has had endometriosis excised from it.

Pockets refer to patches or growths of possible endo and your peritoneum being angry and red suggests that it is inflamed or somehow different to a normal persons which wouldn't usually be red looking. The peritoneum is the lining which sits around your andominal cavity.

Hope this helps a bit. Maybe someone else will have a different interpretation but that would be mine.

LauraB_04 in reply to Batfoss

Thanks Batfoss!

That does help a bit... I wish they would explain what would cause it to be red & inflamed though :-\ Will keep trying to research ;-)

Hi Lindle,

Thank you for this.. that makes a lot more sense now :-) But goodness, we are complex inside aren't we!

One thing that I have never been able to figure out is a pain that I used to have on my right side, very low down on the front inside of my pelvis area near the hip bone, I would almost have described it as a 'deep' pain that if pressed on would send a shooting pain down the top of my leg, a bit like a trapped nerve! After the op the area where this used to be felt very 'grisly' & whilst the shooting pain has gone it still gives me twinges :-( The Gynae has said that I can see him any time in the next 6 months without a referral should I need to, but I want to try & give it sufficient time to heal, so am not really sure how long I should leave it!?

Having high hopes that I won't need to go back again... so fed up of being prodded & poked!


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