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After TPPE & how to stop recurrence

I'm extremly fortunate to be going with one of the best surgeons for TPPE in UK, if not the best.

Anyone who has had TPPE, how is life after?

Do you eat what you want? Drink what you want?

Are you still constantly drained and tierd?

Could it could come back on the ovaries as there's nowhere else for it to return to?

If I don't have adenomysis, could it come after TPPE if I eat/drink things that endo feeds on?

How can I stop a recurrence on the ovaries?

Please correct me if I'm wrong as I don't want to give absolutely everything up if I'm not thinking right. Just really need some help as this is the only chance I'll get for the right surgery and I don't want to cock it up after xxxx

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Hi - everyone's experience is different in terms of life after. With regard to recovery it will depend on how severe your endo is - whether you are just affected by minimal peritoneal endo or whether you are having more invasive deep surgery. You should always eat healthily and certainly not take this as a green light to eat what you want.

Endo is an immune/endocrine disease with autoimmune characterists. So it is much further reaching than the pelvis. Endo doesn't feed off food we eat it feeds off oestrogen. But the food we eat may improve our immune system function and affect our tolerance to oestrogen. Avoiding foods we are allergic or intolerant to and avoiding chemicals is key to this and this will also help de-stress the liver where oestrogen is metabolised and will help keep oestrogen levels as low as possible. Also keeping to a healthy weight is important.

The cause of endo is unknown but the most supported theory on peritoneal endo is retrograde menstruation so while ever you have periods it is possible that new endo might form but hopefully it should be slow and TPPE should give years of relief. But there is no way of knowing in any one woman. TPPE removes the unhealthy peritoneum but it regrows like any tissue so you will still have a new peritoneum. It is thought likely that endo cells communicate with the endometrium and the endocrine system generally so in having all your endo excised the hope would be that your immune and endocrine systems would settle down which should have a knock on affect on the fatigue.

The cause of adenomyosis is also unlnown but is thought to be at least a cousin of endo and is also driven by oestrogen. TPPE will have no effect on that directly as it would be inside your uterus, but the settling down of your hormone activity could have a beneficial affect.

The best things you can do are to have allergy and intolerance testing then avoid anything that might compromise your immune function and minimise periods.


Thank you very much for your reply Lindle!

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