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After TPPE & how to stop recurrence


I'm extremly fortunate to be going with one of the best surgeons for TPPE in UK, if not the best.

Anyone who has had TPPE, how is life after?

Do you eat what you want? Drink what you want?

Are you still constantly drained and tierd?

Could it could come back on the ovaries as there's nowhere else for it to return to?

If I don't have adenomysis, could it come after TPPE if I eat/drink things that endo feeds on?

How can I stop a recurrence on the ovaries?

Please correct me if I'm wrong as I don't want to give absolutely everything up if I'm not thinking right. Just really need some help as this is the only chance I'll get for the right surgery and I don't want to cock it up after xxxx

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Thank you very much for your reply Lindle!

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