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Advise needed about pain

I had my laparoscopy on 18th December 2015 and they found and removed endometriosis from uterus and bowel.I am awaiting the post op appointment to discuss further treatment etc however I now have pain just to the left of my right hand side incision but the pain is inside rather than the incision itself so when I lightly press on this area it's agony and when I move or cough it's so sore to the point where I've been in bed all day and have taken tramadol but it's not done a thing for the pain.I did have sex yesterday but I am unsure if it's related to the surgery or if it's the sex that's triggered it? I'm scared in case I've caused damage? Also do I need to visit a doctor? Can anyone please let me know they're advise.

Thank you.

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If you are in this much pain it seems reasonable to at least call your doctor's office and ask if they think you need to be seen. Good luck :)

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Thank you for your reply I will call them today x


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