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Hysterectomy for Endo - positive experiences please?

Hi there. I am due my what should be partial hysterectomy (unless issues arise during surgery) on Feb 8th of this year - month more or less before my 33rdn birthday and whilst details are to be ironed out - for me this has been a long time coming.

Very breif summary is bad periods since 14, spasms and what I feel would be compared to labour like pains with contractions (mainly with period starting and at times losing my dudicial cast/womb lining as a whole -agony!!), vile periods and ovulation, vowel problems, ectopic pregnancy resulting in a rupture and 4 miscarriages (no children living), 5 laps for Endo excision and currently in 2nd medical menopause with pros tap.

So, whilst this has been my hardest decision its not been rushed and I'm lucky to have an amazingly supportive and 'un hastey' Consultant and we feel this is next step short of continuing to live with this.

I hear so many (valid) negative stories about how it's the worst thing people have done, and whilst I respect their honesty in my searches I of course am hoping for positives as I am making and have made the toughest decision of my life for a hope for some relief. I know it won't 'cure' my Endo and keeping my ovaries I will still get some probably flare ups or newly developed Endo over time but I want to try with retaining my ovaries first in agreement with consultant.

I'm almost 33 and not been able to have children through this (I also have suspected andenomyosis too) and want some let up. I have been having counselling and talking a lot about fears and concerns and the almost certain periods of regret post surgery but still feel it's right and feel pretty bloody brave making such a decision - but I'm petrified of possible side effects too I.e loss of libido (though keeping ovaries should help) the recovery and down time (hoping it will be vaginal/laparoscopic) so hopefully quicker and I keep very fit and active so that too may help but I know I have to rest and let my body heel! so whilst I am not ignoring the bad - I would really welcome and appreciate some positive stories as I feel just the fact I won't be having vulgar periods anymore is a blessing in itself and sadly my womb is a big issue with my Endo issues albeit not all of them.

Thanks so much xxx

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Hello Kmeech83

Sorry I cannot help with any positive stories as I haven't gone that far yet but I just wanted to wish you every luck in the world.

I really hope it offers you some relief and from everything you have said I think that it is clear that this decision is the right one for you.

Let me know how everything goes

Victoria xx


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