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So I need to lose at least three stone to be considered for fertility treatment.

I'm really struggling to stop eating crap! I know I really need to I'm just such a comfort eater.

Used to go slimming world but with the amount of hours I work I can't get to a meeting regularly.

Any tips? Started wii fit dance workout tonight as well, showed me just how unfit I now am!


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Hi, it's not easy and eating rubbish is a vicious cycle. I've done all the diets over the years and usually find the first few weeks hard as I'm used to bad eating but after that I feel better. I wish I had the answer. I love powerhoop as it doesn't feel like exercise and Zumba.


I've not heard of power hoop?

I love Zumba although again find it hard to go to classes with work! X


My mum did slimming world and loved it but she struggled getting to the meetings. Is it worth trying to go for a couple of weeks and make some friends there to do ur own slimming world at home. U still get the support them and tbh I find the girls my mum do it with drive her more than the club did. If not there's some great fitness DVDs out there. I hate the gym so I use those plus then u can do it in ur own time. Even a blow up ball for the living room helps. This way I Dnt sit on my butt and watch to I get the exercise while doing it without realising. Good luck I'm sure u can do it 😜


Thankyou, that's a really good idea! My friend has started dieting the same time as me so hoping we can support each other.

I have got some DVDs somewhere, need to pull them out!

Thankyou. If this doesn't make me lose weight then nothing will! X


Maybe have a look at some of the slimming world meals. There cheesey cauliflower soup and sticky chicken is amazing and 1 sin. It's surprise how u can bad food healthy hehe 😉 Only way I do it and a lock on the junk food cupboard.

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Have you tried the 5-2 diet - think it's supposed to be pretty good for comfort eaters like us as you only need to be good for 24 hours at a time! I've noticed that tesco and Asda have started doing cauliflower rice which is a trick a lot of people use on their fasting days to fill them up at teatime.

I'm planning to give it a go myself starting next week :-)

Good luck! Just remember 4 weeks to make a habit...Hx


No, I will look into this though. Thankyou.

I bought some slim fast this morning to try, done it years ago. I'm so hungry already though!!

Good luck to you too x


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