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Bowel and groin pain

Good morning ladies

I had a lap in October and was diagnosed with stage 4 endo and also had left ovary removed due to a large cyst.

For many years now, I have had terrible trapped wind and bowel problems during my period. Today however, is the worst it has been!

I feel like I have a red hot poker shoved about a foot up by backside, bowel spasms and groin pain throughout. I started with constipation, immediately followed by diarrhoea. Sorry for too much info! I am now also getting a numb / painful sensation in my legs and finding it hard to stand for more than a couple of minutes

Does anyone else have these kind of symptoms and what have you found that has helped? I am taking mefenamic acid 3 times a day as well as paracetamol when needed

I have my follow up appointment with consultant on the 14th so hoping he can also give me some advise as this is getting ridiculous.

Thanks in anticipation


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