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Exercises to avoid for endo sufferers?


I have stage 4 endo and was doing a lot of weight lifting training with a pt to as part of my weight loss attempts. Unfortunately 3 weeks ago I was rushed into hospital with a huge blood clot in my brain that had been developing for months.

There are a number of suspected causes the neurologists threw around but none of them are certain yet what caused it. One of my family members is a Pilates instructor and she is convinced my pt had something to do with it as some of the training he was making me do was "not suitable for endo sufferers". I diddnt even think that there may be exercises that weren't appropriate for us. Does anyone know if there are excercises we should be avoiding in our situation?

Any insight would be much appreciated.


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I would avoid anything tat works your core like plates as it can make the endo worse, it did for me. Walking and swimming are good. Some individuals yoga beneficial, you could also try tai chi or chi lung. Good luck x

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For me personally exercise does not make my endo worse (although I don't exercise when I'm already in severe pain, only when I feel okay). I bike, walk, and lift weights in moderation. My doctor said that it was good for me to continue doing these things. That said, I agree with Bethleah that if a certain kind of exercise makes your endo symptoms worse, do something else. Also, I don't know much about blood clots so I don't know whether certain exercises might increase your risk of having another one, you might want to ask your doctor about that.

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