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Ladies please be aware that the Chinese representatives trying to endorse the "Fuyan Pill" on here are preying on our vulnerability. There are some testimony's online that appear to rave about it but if you look at the language of some of them they have been engineered by the distributors which is a common tactic of these companies.

They tell you they have a medical patent and that the patent office wouldn't register things that don't work - this is just plain false, a patent is the registration of an idea, whether it works or not, I could register jelly hip replacements and as long as no-one else had registered it and I pay my fee bobs yer uncle! China has a terrible reputation for patent infringement anyway it's not the best system.

Also the pill contains Pangolin Scales, if you love animals this will turn you off it instantly, a Pangolin is a type of Anteater and, you guessed it, their numbers are in steep decline because of the Chinese medicine market and I am pretty certain we don't want to destroy even more of our beautiful creatures on this earth.

I know we would all love a "cure all" but I don't think this is the answer.

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Glad you put this up. I have reported a few of these posts to the forum admin too x

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