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Experiences of zoladex

I had a lap a few weeks ago and have been advised to start on zoladex immediately by the consultant who performed the surgery and our IVF consultant. I have said that I am not happy doing this without having fully discussed this with one of them first. We therefore have an appointment on Christmas Eve (not great timing!!) and I wondered if there are any particular questions I should ask and what your experiences are with the side effects. I had a lot of endo removed but it was described as widespread so the plan would be to have the injections before we start our next cycle of IVF.

Thank you xx

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Hello there,

I am in almost the same position as you - I hope you are recovering well from your lap first of all. I had a laparotomy 6 weeks ago where severe endo was found along with 'kissing ovaries'. The surgeons did an amazing job in fixing things though - this whole process began because we were due to start IVF when baseline scan revealed chocolate cysts, endometriosis and adenomyosis. We were distraught but surgery was swiftly arranged.

The morning after the op the consultant said I would need 3 months of zoladex to give my system a total break from the endo. Due to its quick rate of recurrence and damage it's already caused, in my post op daze I thought this must be the way to go, and I received my first injection the following day.

I had my second injection last week. I did have a period, it was heavier than normal but pain levels were reduced. To date noticeable side effects are hot flushes and feeling quite tearful.

We have a follow-up appointment with IVF consultant in March : I think there may be a scan to see how things are looking after surgery and zoladex and we'll take it from there.

I'm still at an early stage in it all, but I will let you know how things go. Sorry, I'm not sure if this will be of any help at the moment, but I wish you all the best and hope you make a speedy recovery. XXXX


Hi, thanks for your message which was definitely helpful! We are in a very similar situation as mine was also discovered in the pre-IVF scans, although I have seen various GPs over the years with symptoms. Have u been told when u will start the IVF meds in relation to your last Zoladex injection? Do u go straight on to those injections? I guess I can cope with hot flushes in the winter but what I'm worried about is whether it will aggravate my migraines. Think I need to start making a list of questions for the consultant. Please let me know how you get on xx


Hello again, aw that's no problem, I'll definitely be happy to keep you posted and offer any advice! I'm not too sure when we will start IVF meds in line with the last zoladex but hopefully we'll find out soon - I will keep you posted.

I'm sorry to hear you also have problems with migraines though - this is unfortunately one of my big problems also :( I never used to have headaches when I was younger but the last 8 years habe been bad with them ; I wonder now if it's the endometriosis. I woke up this morning with a migraine, I take sumatriptan but like you im really worried about anything aggravating the migraines. Fingers crossed it won't be the case and so often you hear of migraines getting better hopefully during pregnancy, I will be keeping everything crossed for you.

How do you normally treat your migraines? I'm worried about work, due to return early January but if I have any more sick lines it could be a problem.

Take care and all the best, I will keep you posted :) X X X X


Hi I took Zoledax before my hysterectomy and it did make my migranes. My migranes are menstrual migranes and liked with oestrogen levels. Just be prepared for more of them. I wish you good luck in you IVF. Luckily I didn't need IVF, a hycosy scan (paid for privately) cleared my tubes for me and I was pregnant that night.

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