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Laparoscopy and going back to work?

I had a laparoscopy and removal of a ruptured ovarian cyst exactly 2 weeks ago today, I am due to go back to work next week (I'm a nursery nurse in a baby/toddler unit which involves a lot of carrying, lifting and sitting on the floor) I am really looking forward to going back but I'm not sure if I'm ready yet, my pain is a lot better now although I can still feel it if I lift things or if my puppy or someone pushes against my stomach but the main symptom I'm having now is extreme fatigue!! I am so exhausted after doing anything and am very emotional.

Also since my op my gums and teeth have been very sensitive and a bit swollen, I have a dentist appointment booked for Monday but has anyone else experienced that?

How long was you off work for after your surgery for endo or any other gyneo op? I feel bad being off and money is also a worry as I only get statutory sick pay!

Thank you :)

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It really does depend on the extent of the surgery and everyone is different

Just listen to your body ,but you never know in another weeks time you may feel up to it ,things change you could see if you could go back on reduced hours for a week say and see how that goes .

All the best

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Hi, I had just over two weeks off work after my lap last month and then went in for a few hours for a couple of days. I didn't return to work properly until three weeks after. Fortunately I had very understanding bosses but that didn't stop me from feing guilty about taking time off work! They would have happily given me more time off but it got to the point that I was wallowing in self-pity and I had to return for my sanity! I agree that there was a little discomfort two weeks on but the exhaustion was the killer. Remember you still have the anaesthetic in your system and you were pulled about and operated on so you body is still recovering. Listen to your body and you'll know when it feels right to go back. Get well soon x


I would stay off personally if I had your symptoms as you need to fully recover and I'm a manager. So I would tell my staff the same. If your still having fatigueyou need to listen to yyour body and rest .


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Hi don't rush back to work if you aren't ready. I had stage 4 endo removed and was off work for 2 months. It took a long time to be able to do something as simple as walk up and down stairs and fatigue was extreme, much worse than what I expected. If you don't feel right or are easily exhausted maybe another week off is required especially if your job is physical. Take care and all the best for your recovery xx

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