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Pain relief


So I thought I would post something positive today.

I am coming into the time for my next Pro-strap injection and was dreading it as I always end up in agony for a couple of weeks.

the pain was increasing and I was pacing because I could not get comfortable and was fed up with taking heavy duty pain relief. Was exhausted from not being able to sleep because of the pain and generally fed up because my clothes did not fit due to bloating.

I have been on meat free diet for over a week now supplemented with homemade juices.

I can't say I was convinced on the benefits but a friend nagged me to try .

The results are amazing , no pain medication has been needed for the last 5 days , I am fitting back into my clothes because the bloating has been massively reduced , I am sleeping better and have more energy.

Now living in hope that if this continues I may be able to avoid more surgery for a while and that will give me more time to get my second opinion.

Even my manager commented that he was expecting me to have time working at home this week and I did not need to.

Stay positive everyone and have a good day.


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Good for you, so pleased you have found some relief, I've just started drinking an aloe Vera drinking gel, and it's helped me massively with my energy levels, and helped my skin.

Might try giving up red meat now,


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Hi Tboag,

What benefits are you feeling whilst being on Aloe Vera drinking gel ?


Hi sunny girl, I actually stopped taking it, I was still feeling pain most days, but I've just started taking it again, as my constipation has got worse again, and I think it did help that, I've just had a laparoscopy remove one overy and release the other from appendix and I figured it can't hurt to put all the goodness in your body, it's supposed to aid recovery due to certain minerals and vitamins, x

If you need any info about it pm me x


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