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fatigue and hot flashes - is the endo doing this


I've been recently diagnosed with endo after years of health issues and all the doctors just saying nah you're fine, everyone gets sick sometimes. "Luckily" my endometriosis made a cyst that's very painful and my new gynaecologist is awesome, she did ultrasound right away and found the cyst, and referred me to a hospital for further testing. I wanted to ask you guys if endo can give me hot flashes (feeling like I'm running a fever sometimes too) and I am also constantly tired, on my days off work I sleep 10 hours and wake up not feeling rested at all. I wake up at night with really dry mouth and have to drink all the time (and also pee all the time). I'm just wondering if it's not the endo I might have to do something about this because it's hard to function like this.

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I'm exactly the same Hun so Defo the endo and mine also the medication to xxxx


Yes ive also had most of those symptoms too!


Thanks for your replies :) I came home from work today at 5pm and was supposed to start writing uni assignments but I got the hot flashes and fatigue and had to take panadol and go to bed. I should be writing the assignments now (8.30pm), but I still have to go to wash myself with cold water every 15 minutes and I feel totally exhausted. I hope the hospital dr decides to do laparoscopy, I'll never graduate if this continues!


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