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Bleeding 3 months into Prostap?

Hiya, I am just looking for similar experiences whilst I waiting my nurse coming back to me if ok? I won't go way back into my history as I will be here all night, but basically I'm on Prostap for Endo and suspected Adeno. I had 3rd injection Fri 27th Nov and overall my experience has been pretty good compared to my Zoladex experience a few years ago. I stared Livial HRT around the end of the 3rd week of Prostap which instantly (almost) helped with menopause side affects which kicked in around beginning of week 2 for me (same as when I was on zoladex). I had my period at the time of starting Prostap which is usually a heavy weeks bleed then a bit of spotting but this lasted for Nearly4 weeks then stopped which I expected as saw it as 'clearing out', and apart from 2 recent-ish pain attacks and odd niggles, I have been as mentioned doing pretty good really.

however, the last couple of days I have had more period like pains but not half as painful as normal-but I have been getting more aches/cramps, started spotting yesterday and today I have pretty much come on my period which I find strange 3 months in, I know anything can happen and I am awaiting a response from my Endo nurse, but I wondered if anyone has randomly had a period midway through a course of Prostap (or zoladex) whilst also on HRT?

I really don't think I have ovulated apart from on suspicion a little while back and carried out a few days of ovulation testing which were completely negative (I usually always have a faint line and huge positive prior to ovulation) so I'd welcome any experiences that were similar if any?

Thank you :-)

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