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Endrometrios and pregancy

Hi I am writing here because I'm frustrated and confused! I was diagnosed with endrometrios back in 2012 and had a laptropic surgery to remove 2 cysts removed each of my ovaries. Now fast forward 2015 I had a lapcroscopy last month to remove adhesions and have a dye test because I have been trying to conceive for the past year and had no luck :(. I was told my tubes were not blocked and have been told to try for the next 3 month naturally before IUI is considered. I thought after the dye test and the adhesions and cyst removal that I would have been successful this month....However my period came yesterday :( I was so upset. My husband has been nothing but fantastic about this whole thing. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Has anyone had IUI? I really hope I am successful in the next 2 months I have baby on the brain and everyone around me is either having a baby or just had one. It's hard putting the happy face on all the time when deep inside I'm so sad and want one of my own. Thanks x

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Hi I was diagnosed in 2012 with endometriosis and we started trying to get pregnant and 2 years later still nothing. I then went for further surgery in July 2014 where I had endo removed my ovaries, ligaments and pouch of Douglas and I was give to January 2015 to fall pregnant and in December 2014 I found out I was pregnant. I now have a 16 week old little girl so it can happen naturally after surgery.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I guess I just have to be patient. It has only been the first month! Got another 2 to go before the next step. I guess it's just the mind being stressed because you no the certain days you need to try. Thank you for replying back it's nice to read a good story x


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