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Lap waiting times

My dh and I have been trying to conceive for 2 & 1/2 yrs, I am nearly 32, he is 32. No problems with him, his guys are very healthy.

I had a HyCoSy and ultrasound on 9th September and was shown that I have three sizeable cysts and a polyp. Gynae thinks I have endo (after initially brushing me off when I said I think I have endo - runs in the family and many symptoms fit - and telling me I have pcos which doesn't fit my symptoms) as cysts look to be chocolate. Anyway, I was immediately referred for a lap to investigate and remove cysts and polyp.

I was told the waiting list was 12 weeks for the procedure, 10 weeks for pre-op. Having heard nothing, and this week it was 10 weeks, I phoned the clinic who, when someone eventually got back to me, gave me a number for the hospital. Spoke to someone yesterday who told me that I should receive a letter in December and that my pre-op will probably take place in January and the lap possibly at the end of January, more likely in February.

I am peeved to say that least considering the clinic told me 12 weeks and it looks like it'll be six months. The cysts were discovered during a scan I had back at the end of April, but because that was through my GP nothing was done about them and endo wasn't flagged. I wasn't told they were likely to be chocolate. A GP (not my usual) told me I would be a good case for ivf, and as there was fluid I'd obviously managed to burst one and left it at that.

My mum wants me to look into the costs and waiting times of going private. The hospital I've been referred to is very good and has an endo centre. But I don't even know who my consultant will be under the NHS.

What are your experiences of waiting times?

Thanks x

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Hi luce.

That must be so frustrating!

I have found that doctors often don't know the actual wait time, which leads to disappointment and frustration for the patient , when they try and be optimistic!!

I went privately and it was a 6 week wait (due to the surgeon's holiday). However, I was seen much quicker than a friend who went through the NHS. Downside was that there wasn't much support afterwards, which I feel the NHS is better at.

It depends what you feel/ how you feel about things but it is always worth exploring your options . If you look into Private healthcare, it doesn't mean you have to go down that route. :)


Thanks for sharing your experience Mrs g. I think I will do some phoning on Monday. I kind of feel that I've waited so long I may as well wait til Feb, though I am v frustrated, but I'm worried what if the waiting time gets extended because of emergencies. So I suppose it's best to explore all the options.


Hi Luce, I've just had a diagnostic lap for endo and I was told the realistic waiting time was ten weeks from my consultant appointment. This was a problem for me as I'm away at Christmas and didn't want to wait until the new year to have the lap as it means I'd have to wait even longer to know about my fertility options. I took matters into my own hands, looked up the consultants secretary and found a number online who then told me I should contact the hospitals booking team. I spoke to a lovely lady there and explained I would take any date available, I used to call every day like clock work for two weeks and I managed to get a date. Be persistent and let them know about how long you have been waiting! They will want you to get a pre op done as soon as possible and will help improve that date too. Hope this helps, I know this can be a very frustrating time!


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