Any advice?

Hi i have just been prescribed Cerazette as a last 'soft' treatment option. Has anyone had it and does it work/not work? Any symptoms? X

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I am taking Cerazette and had some problems with spotting bleeding initially. This seems to have stopped now and I don't have any other side effects aside from I felt a little irritable at first but it's hard to tell if that was the Cerazette or just me :) x

Yes i am going through that at the moment. Iv been on really really heavily the last 3 not sure if thats me or the pill as only started it tuesday just gone. I am glad it is working for you though..thats brilliant news! X

I had huge success with it before coming off it to try for a baby. It stopped my periods completely, which was amaaaaazing! It also stopped all of my symptoms so very successful. I'm concerned about going back on it as I've now discovered I've got severe endo and I'm worried that if I only treat the symptoms and not the endo itself, it'll continue to spread and take over my whole pelvis. I wouldn't be able to stay on the pill forever so I'd inevitably need some treatment in the end and it feels like I'd be delaying the inevitable. I'd consider it as a short term fix until I feel old enough to consider a hysterectomy as I'm only 31. Hope that helps and that you find the best solution for you x

Oh thankyou hun. Im glad it helped you. How long were you on it for? (if you don't mind me asking). I have severe endo too so i am unsure how well it will work..very skeptical. Ah hysterectomy isnt nice but i think that is where my options are heading too (and i am only 23). I hope you can keep the symptoms and endo at bay for as long as possible x

I was on it for about 6 years pre-baby but I didn't have endo then, just bad periods. I had my son in 2012 and stayed off the pill to give my body a rest from it and the endo started developing rapidly. I gave in and went back on it last year to get some relief, then as soon as I came off it to try for another baby the symptoms returned immediately. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another bit anything is worth a go right?! X

Yeah i am up for gving anything a a human guinea pig as fat as endo is concerned. Did u get migraines while on cerazette at all? I have had two in 3 days and nothing gets rid of them. Currently in very dark room x

Yes and no really. I was put on cerazette in my 20s BECAUSE I suffered with terrible migraines with aura, something to do with the oestrogen in the combined pill that contributed to them. I still suffered within migraines while on cerazette but not nearly as much. I'm just unfortunate to have migraines, all my family gets them. Try and sleep it off and migraleve is the only thing that works for. Hope you feel better soon x

Yeah i suffer with them too but having two in 3 days i dont know if thats normal or not? Thankyou. You have been very helpful! All the best for u x

Helped me as a short term fix, when I came off and periods started my Endo returned I was pain fee whilst on it.

Oh thanks. Thats good news. Hope you are well now? How short is short-term?

I was on cerazette for over 8 years. My endo was diagnosed in July this year - after which time I was put on the Mirena coil. The coil was causing me some bother, so I've opted to go back on cerazette again. I haven't had any side effects other than increased appetite. The hormones in it don't really effect me that much - I've tried almost every type of birth control and they all had horrific effects on me including severe depression and even insomnia. Cerazette did make my periods lighter, so presumably that helped with the pain somewhat.

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