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Grumbley pelvis?

Does anyone else get what I can only describe as a grumbley pelvis? Like a grumbley tummy but in your pelvic area. Mine is so grumbley at the moment and it makes my back really ache. Sometimes it grumbles so strongly I feel it in my stomach. It doesnt make me have wind, although I do suffer badly with wind when using the toilet.

Has anyone else got this? Its really embarrassing! :(

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Yes I do, but only just before my period starts! I get the sensation in my pelvis and not my stomach area where you get these sensations when you are hungry!

I don't know why though!



I do, My daughter (she's 5) won't lie on my stomach because she said it sounds like there is a monster inside lol and yeah it gets worse as I approach my period. I also don't know why this is though.


I also get it too but still don't know why xxx


Yes I do too!! No idea what causes it, I've always assumed it was intestinal spasms/vibration type things or gas.


Me 2!! Feels like a little alien is living inside.


Its so strange! I was wondering do you all have similar types of endo? I havent been diagnosed yet. xxx


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