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Some advice please from anyone who has had a similar surgery

2 weeks ago I had my 5 th surgery for endo in an accredited endo centre .

I had ovary ,Fallopian tube ,bowel resection various adhesions and bits of endo excised.

I had four point laparoscopy but co lo redtal surgeon had to open me up to deal with very large nodule in the bowel .

I am usually up and about nearly normal activities by now ,but this one has knocked partly because ai think they had to resort to open surgery .

Any one else had a similar surgery and please when did you get Back to normal

I feel far from it at the moment!!!

Any help?

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Open surgery usually comes with a 6 week recovery. You are not usually allowed to drive for 4-6 weeks (so that tells you something I think). It takes a lot longer for everything inside to heal though. Be kind to yourself and rest up!


Will do and Thankyou it's taken me surprise how useless I feel !


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