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Liver issues?

Hello community,

I was wondering if anyone else with an endo confirmed diagnosis is also suffering from liver issues?

About a year ago, my liver enzymes and inflammation levels In my blood were discovered during a visit to the ER to be extremely high.... After ruling out things like standard hepatitis etc... I find myself on the wait list for a liver biopsy...

The last test I had done showed a positive smooth muscle antibodies (should be negative) and a titre of 1:20 (normal range is anything less than 1:20). The inflammation (CRP) and liver enzymes are still quite elevated as well.

Google MD says those results equal autoimmune hepatitis... Where your body is essentially attacking your liver for no damn reason.... But my doctors haven't confirmed that and aren't expressing concern with the results beyond to say "we're confused and need to investigate more". (so helpful)

I was just curious if anyone else out there has seen/Heard /experienced these types of issues in line with endometreosis.

Thanks in advance

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As far as I know, I dont have liver problems. I get a littlr bit anemic around my period and take iron tablets for it. If you take a lot of pain killers or have been taking them long term, it might be worth asking your doctor how they affect the body. My last blood test showed my kidneys are working too hard trying to process the tablets I take so I have to make sure I drink plenty of liquids. Sorry i've not been that helpful, but maybe some things to consider. Wishing you pain free days x


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