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Advice needed 😢

Hi girls hope you all having a pain free evening? My pain today has been bad have taken 4 dyhracodenie and 8 paracetomal getting no relief, feeling so sick and headache is horrendous, I have been to toilet three times in last hour peed for Scotland lot of blood when I wipe and small amounts down the toilet. Does any one else suffer like this,? Getting worried I'm on the pill back to back and the pain in ovary area is horrendous xxxx

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Hi, unfortunately not alone. Days like this can be common. You can also take ibuprofen and buscopan with those. Also have you tried heat, surprisingly hot water bottles work wonders or at least can relax the tense muscles? When was your last appointment? If this is becoming more regular, go back to the GP! There are other stronger pain killers, I know it's not the best resolve, but having a pain free day because the pills work is always a help!! Xxx


Diclofenic gives me serve constipation Hun, thanks for reply I use hot water bottles and tiger balm will be phoning gp again thanks again for reply xxxx



firstly please visit your GP for any other solution. I can advise you when you have heavy pain and bleeding, please go directly to the emergency service to take injection for your pain instead of taking lots of analgesics. since lots of drugs can destroy your stomach and kidneys... I have adenomyosis and have also similar symtomps; heavy bleeding (incredibly much) and heavy pain... usually, I go to the emergency servis and they inject an analgesic, probably including parasetamol or ibubirofen... for heavy bleeding, I use baby diapers especially small ones. My suggestions are those. get well soon. :)

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Thanks for your reply will call gp this morning was only discharged on Friday night from hospital. Thanks again for reply take care xxxxx


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