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Prostap Injection

Hiya I have been put on the prostap injection by my specialist as he thinks ive got endometriosis or adenomyosis so he's put me on it to see if it stops my pain. Ive been on it 2 weeks tomorrow and so far it's really helping, no pain. But can it cause constipation as I have been really constipated, I'm not in any pain with it but just feel really constipated now! Can anyone give me an advice or if you have had the same while been on prostap? Thankyou xx

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I get constipated from the pain meds that I'm on for endo. Taking a powder form stool softener/laxative twice a day in tea, juice, water ect. has made me so much more comfortable and now I don't stress on it like I was. If you don't like the powder from you could also get the pill versions. They help a lot :)

Good luck!


Hi Tasha I'm on zoladex which is similar it causes severe constipation which over the counter laxatives to help with. Dr prescribed laxido which has been brilliant. Good luck.


Hi I'm having Prostap injections too & am taking one Dulcolax tablet every other day. I first took 2 a night as it says on the box but that was too much for me so you need to find out what works for you. Dulcoease is also similar, it's a gentle stool softner. You could also try prune juice from Holland & Barratt but only drink the recommended dose, even that was too much for me. Good luck & don't let the constipation go on too long because it caused me an anal fissure.


hiya hun ... i had the prostap injection for 6 months last year, personally i wouldn't waste your time with it , but that's just my own opinion... the prostap injection stops your periods altogether, it also shuts down all of your overy system. i was told by my gyne that you cant get pregnant on it, i didn't use any contraception while i was on the prostap injection and i didn't get pregnant.

the prostap injection which i was having every month for six months made me very mardy, stressy, my booobs hurt. one minute i was happy then next minute i felt like crying , then felt very stressed .... i didn't like this injection it made me have many mood swings all the time i also feel that it didn't work and was a waste of my time . i have had endo for 10 years stage 4/5 now and have been what i call a guinea pig for many years as a lot of garnye's dont no alot about the disease ... i have found that a lap ( lasering it off) is probz the best they have done for me so far and i have had many drugs to try to help but none have worked. im due back in for my 2nd operation in dec to remove endro and detach my wome from my bowl ..... hope this helps hun and best of luck x


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