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Painful orgasm

For the past year at the exact same time every month in the 2nd half of my cycle I get horrific pains in my left pelvic area straight after I orgasm from penetration to just mastabasion lasting for around 5-10 minutes. Once my period starts these pains disappear like I never had them atall until the 2nd half of my cycle then it happens all over again. Does anyone else experience similar things?

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Dear Aurorapartto,

I am all too familiar with what you described. At some point, instead of viewing lovemaking with my husband a positive experience, I avoided it like the plague. I went to see my physician and was referred to a specialist. After numerous testing, the gynaecologist decided that a hysterectomy might be the way to go. It sounded drastic but after having gone through it, I can tell you that it was a very sound recommendation and I now enjoy intimate moments with my husband without worrying that I might be doubled up in pain after.

Have your physician refer you to either an oncologist or a gynaecologist. This would be a good place to start looking for answers.

I wish you the best!

Sending you love and healing energy,



Hi Karen. Thanks for your reply. I have been to the doctors so many times and now waiting of a refural to the hospital. Was your ever diagnosed with endo? My mother suffered from fibroids so they did mention a possibility of it being a large fibroid in my last visit. I am only 25 and this has been going on for the last 2 years almost me and my fiancé are desperate to have children I have one son from a previous relationship. I have just recently been experiencing the pain after a bowel movement sorry for the to much info lol and when I go for a wee. It's still a pattern every month my period is due any day now and when it arrives it will be like nothing has ever happened. Very bizarre. Hope you are well. X


Hello dearest Aurorapartto,

Yes mine was also diagnosed as endo. I am sorry to hear that you've been having these issues for some time now. You are definitely too young to have a hysterectomy and especially because you and your fiancé are enthused about having children, I'm certain that the doctor will find another way for you. I'm sorry I cannot be more helpful. I'll be sure to send out positive and healing vibes your way though. I believe in the Law of Attraction and that collective intention will help you pull through. No worries about the sharing the bowel movement, I too have been having issues there and will have a colonoscopy done in January.

All is well at my end, thank you. I wish you all the best with your health and may you and your fiancé realize your dreams of having children very soon.

Much love,



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