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Endo treatment drug in the UK

I was recently diagnosed with Endometriosis stage IV. I was overseas at the time and had a laparoscopy done and it all went ok. However being overseas I was prescribed Visanne-Dienogest which I have come to find out is not used or approved in the UK. What medication is usually used here too treat Endo? I will hopefully see my GP soon because I'm running out of Visanne. What about Qlara? Is it used to treat Endo or is it merely a birth control pill?


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Hello marie..

Im in the uk i have just been given dienogest by my gyni for the first time it is 2mg progesterone.

Did this work well for you?

Did u have any side effects?

I can only get this from my gyni doctor and then i have to get it from the hospital pharmacy who have orderd it from aboard. gps cannot prescribe this as it is to expensive..

Hope that helps 😊


Hi Lisa, thanks. Yes I've come to realise that q'lara is something completely different.

Dienogest has worked very well for me. Perhaps I noticed a few mood swings at first but after 2-3 weeks nothing. No periods at all nor pain.

I'm simply not able to get it here in the uk. I'll try to ask my gyni.

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Hello just to let you know my gyni doctor in the uk has prescribed me dienogest progesterone only but i can only get it from the hospital pharmacy as they order it from aboard.. it is to expensive for gps to get.

I have this now i have to collect my first box monday from the uk


Qlara you can get from the gp but this is estrogen and progesterone based.

Dienogest is pure progesterone only.😊


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