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Work and endo

Hi all , I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do 😐 I work in a shop and don't do many hours but every shift I do i come home in agony and I am bad for days. I have applied for p.i.p but it's looking doubtful. I can't get any other benefit as I have no ni paid in as I don't earn enough. But I can't carry on like this its killing me I'm tired and in pain all the time

Please if anyone has any thing to share I'd really appreciate it


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Hiya and sorry to hear you are struggling. I can't offer you any advice on work I am afraid. I work from home as my job allows this but I know that I would struggle also with standing for any period of time for a job. Regarding the pip, just want to make sure you have the best possible chance. Make sure you tell them the absolute worst day, ensure you also tell them how you have adapted your life to fit around endo and minimise the pain. If you also now rejected, ensure that you ask for mandatory consideration. If rejected again, make sure you take it to the appeal stage. These benefits can be very useful but the process is designed to make it tricky and a little uncomfortable. Many people will give up at the first rejection but they know this so keep going for it. Good luck x

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Thank you so much for that it's really helpful and I will do thanks again xxx


If your pain is affecting your daily life, then you may well qualify as being disabled under the Equality Act 2010; you should speak with your GP and/or specialist and (if the employer has one) ask to be referred to occupational health as they may say that as a disabled employee, you have greater benefits such as any absences which are as a result of your disability are not included in any review of sickness absence.

gov.uk/rights-disabled-pers... is the link you may find useful - only a few diseases/conditions are listed as being a disability as it is the symptoms or way the illness affects you which results in disability not the condition itself - for instance, some people with a severe or even terminal illness may not yet be affected by symptoms whilst others may be unable to work, etc.

I hope this helps; I used to work in law albeit more than a decade ago but I moved to criminology although I still keep tabs on these issues because obviously I am affected by the condition too...


I should also have said that if you don't have occupational health at work, you can ask the local authority (council) to provide you with an assessment as to whether you may be disabled under the Act for certain purposes such as accessing benefits and/or assistance.


Thank you so much for your help I will look into this straight away I have a letter yesterday saying I don't meet the needs for pip claim. Thanks again xx


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