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New pelvic pain does anyone experience this?

Hello, I've been in bed all week with terrible cramps which resulted in me being put on liquid morphine Monday, I was then violently sick all Tuesday as I had a reaction to it. I'm now back to my usual tramadol although it doesn't seem to be doing the job it once did. I'm having lots of pelvic pain but over the past few days the pains seem worse when I move, low down in the pelvis/groin area. I know I have some scarring on my left ovary and that's the main source of pain when moving but this feels lower down that that and on both sides. I have anxiety and I am always wondering if I am just causing a fuss, is this a normal endo pain or is it possible it's something I'm making in my head? I'm so confused by my pains at times like this I could just do with some reassurance. Many thanks.

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