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Uterine Polyps??

I was diagnosed in 2011 with endo and I have been on depo for years . Recently added norethisterone. Heavy bleeding/flooding is getting unmanageable now, as I'm a mixed vet so have to go on farm and as you can imagine flooding when in the middle of performing surgery is not the greatest either!

Got a referral to to recommended specialist and saw him on Monday. Due to the fact that the previous endo-relate pains and symptoms are largely absent he is suspicious of polyps in my uterus causing the heavy bleeding or else too much progesterone.

Has anyone had uterine polyps? Or experience too much progesterone causing heavy bleeding?

I am waiting for a date to come through for an ultrasound scan and then after I may have lap/hysteroscopy depending on findings.

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Although having said that my bladder-related symptoms have come back with a vengeance. Been up since quarter to four drinking as much as possible to try and feel better for the start of work :-(

This condition is really frustrating, I have barely slept a full night in weeks now and I'm so tired.


I have has both polyps and a sub mucosal fibroid. The fibroid seemed to cause the bleeding.


Hi Vicki, I had a polyp removed about 3 years ago which was before I was diagnosed with endo. In fact it caused the most pain I had ever experienced! I was due to have it removed at the hospital (like how they to a smear) but when the nurse tried to cut it she realised it was very big and I had to go back for surgery under general aneasthetic. I really can't remember if that reduced the flooding as it was the pain that was the most difficult part to deal with. I understand how challenging heavy bleeding can be. I travel a lot with my job and have had some really stressful situations in airport security queues and on long flights, never mind just trying to managing in the office. I was diagnosed with endo last year when I had to have an appendectomy (the endo was literally crushing my appendix) and had a follow up lap to treat it in May. Since then I have seen a huge reduction in the flooding so there is hope! I hope you are able to get this sorted out.



I had a polyp removed in a hysteroscopy in March last year- it was causing a lot of bleeding and mid-cycle bleeding too.

I know progesterone can cause funny bleeding patterns, I don't know if it causes flooding or not.

If it is a polyp then it'll probably be a hysteroscopy to remove it which you can have done without general anaesthetic- my advice on that though is to insist on some sort of pain relief (even if it's local anaesthetic) as I had my first hysteroscopy without any sort of relief whatsoever and it was simply awful! Having said that it is a relatively quick procedure and much less invasive than a lap.

Hope that helps!


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