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Can you share your experience?

I am a 23 yo, and been diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 15. I have not had a period since then, as I have been on contraceptives non-stop. About 2 years ago i had the Mirena IUD inserted, but I had it removed a month and a half ago.

So, I went on to the Mycrogynon contraceptive pill, and the gynecologist advised me to have a bleed in between packs at least once. So, i finished the pack and I didn't bleed. Took a Tesco pregnancy test - negative.

Me and my partner are reasonably active in that sense, so I am not sure what to think. Shall I wait and take another test, or is it just post-Mirena bleed withdrawal?

Also, might be worth mentioning that in the recent ultrasound scan they found that my left ovary is now stuck behind the uterus. Anyone with a similar condition?

I would really love a baby, so the "happy little accident" would certainly be welcome.



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I had a little boy two years ago and was dignosed with endo at 27 and felt so lucky to fall but once my son was born my endo sadly came back and had my second lap this year to find my rectom was glued to my womb and had scarred tissue in my pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb trying for another baby but so far my periods are all over the place and been actively trying but nothing yet even no pregnancy test is negitive and going longer and longer between cycles Iv mentioned to my doctor that I used to have a 28 day cycle but my period come every 39 days now but ultrasound revelled a 3cm cyst on both ovarys but so far my gp just tells me to take folic acid witch Iv been taking for two years and i just feel that no matter what doctor I c just get fobbed off


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