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Endo removed

Has anyone had their endo removed from it been burned away?! Beginning to worry now :/ got my pre op on Monday so i am going to talk with my specialist as i don't know what he plans to do if endo needs to be removed. I'm sure on both previous laps it has been burned out but this was by a different specialist.

I have now discovered that there is a hospital very close to me that has a BSGE team and i had never heard of this until reading the article on The guardian last night. I am now thinking should i have looked into things more, I'm going through the NHS as i cant afford to go private at the moment so i just went through my GP/gynecologist and they put me onto the specialist that i saw in August. I only saw them the once who said they will put me down to have a lap as its the best way forward.

Is BSGE part of the nhs?

thank you in asdvance :) xx

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some of the centres on the bsge list are nhs but i believe there are a few that only do private. it isnt clear which are and which arent. u could prob ring and ask. its so important to see the right people. if i knew this list existed i wouldnt have let general gynae operate on me. hope u manage to get things sorted x


Thank you 😊


Hi - click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre. They are all NHS on the BSGE list other than the ones at Elland and the King Edward. You have already had two laps and had your endo burned which is not effective except for the mildest endo. The fact that you need another proves it has not worked. Endo is often missed by general gynaecologists as it can be in hidden places that cannot be seen at a lap. Do you know where it was found at your previous laps?


thank you for your reply :)

Ah right so the one near me is nhs, i wonder why this hasn't been suggested to me, probably because the gps/gyne don't know much about it :/

On my last lap it was found on my left ovary.


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