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Post lap appointment...help?

Hi all,

So I finally have my post lap appointment this week after my diagnostic lap in July. They vaguely told me I had POD Endo with a lot of fluid in the POD and bowel adhesions when I came round from the anaesthetic but that's it. Can anyone tell me roughly what to expect in this appointment and anything they'd recommend asking? After waiting this long for the appointment I really don't want to risk not asking a really important question!

Thanks ladies :) xx

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Hi - you say you had a diagnostic lap and were found to have rectovaginal endo. So was this in general gynaecology with no surgery undertaken? Can you advise what part of the UK you are in as this may influence the next course.


Hi, I'm in Bristol. The gynae I have seen is an Endo specialist (I know I spoke to you before I went into my appointment all those months back). Her preferred course of action was to investigate first and then review the results to decide a course of action. That suited me to be honest because I have 2young children and I couldn't have gone into surgery at the time not knowing whether I would need extra time to recover if they had done removal when I was in there. I'm just not sure what to expect from this next appointment and its so long between appointments I don't want to miss anything. For example is it important to ask what 'stage' its at? Given where it is are there certain things I should ask? Xx


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