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I had my first laparoscopy on the 23rd of September so it's almost been 2 weeks. They found endometriosis and they removed it - does this mean I still have endometriosis? Will I still get symptoms? As the past couple of days I've still been getting bad abdominal pains though they aren't nearly as frequent or long as before. also where they did the key hole surgery is still abit sore any recommendations to help them heal?

I'm going back to the gynecologist beginning of November I just wanted to know before then.

Many thanks

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They will have removed the build up of tissue caused by the endometriosis but unless they have also fitted a Mirena coil or given you some other hormone treatment your womb will be producing more bits. So you won't have the pain caused by the build up of little bits of womb tissues in your abdomen, but you'll start getting new bits building up.

Vitamin E applied externally is good for healing any skin cuts. There's all sorts of expensive brand name Vit E creams in beauty sections of chemists but the cheap own name stuff works just as well and usually sinks in faster, which is what you want on your body.


Laparoscopies are much easier to recover from than lapatotomies. However from vast experience I know that the gas they have to pump in to visualise organs can cause severe pain until it disapates.

One small surgery will not have 'cured' endometriosis. You are on a long journey. Get good solid advice and be prepared to fight your corner. Use endometriosis. uk. There are experienced people there who do know what they are talking about.


Thank you so much for your replies they have really helped - I feel like I'm learning more and more each day about the condition and it's just good there's things like this where I can go to for advice. They didn't put a coil in as I'm trying for a family next year however I am currently on the pill and pain medication - though don't now what the gynecologist will want to discuss when I see them next.


And lots of rest!! I think we underestimate how long our insides take to heal. I felt twinges for months after, if I lifted heavy things for instance.


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