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Dragging sensations and chronic abdominal pain :(

Hi.. I just feel like having a moan if its ok with u guys. Had endo for a year now and had 1 lap last December. I fear it's coming back. I've been bleeding now for 2 weeks straight and it's more or less black! Does anyone know why this happens? Got work again tonight but I can't help but be defeated by this pain. I will go and soilder through it but I hate it when I'm hurting which is 3 weeks out 4! When am I gonna catch a break!!! :( I'm seeing the surgeon Thursday but im getting so so fed up now with this pain..awaiting for my kettle to boil so I can have my hot water bottle. I'm in agony!!

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I am due to have my first diagnostic Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy on 15th October. As well as Endo, Adenymosis is also suspected. The horrific pain usually only came while I was bleeding, but this past two weeks I am experiencing the same type of chronic pain and dragging sensations that you refer to, without relief. They are there all day every day and really getting me down. I am constantly exhausted and the pain intensifies when I void my bowel/bladder. I work full time in the community so spend my days driving from one end of the county to another, visiting people in their homes and helping them resolve their problems. As much as I am trying to hang on until the date of my operation before taking sick leave, I am really not sure how much longer I can physically continue to soldier on every day :-( Sorry not to be able to offer any words of wisdom or helpful advice, but just though I would share my experience and let you know you aren't alone.x

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I sympathise with u deepl. It's a horrid things to have to deal with. Hopefully one day this will be classed as a disability as I genuinally believe it disables people. Fingers crossed! I hope u feel better soon xxx


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