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Endo specialist

Hi, Does anyone have a link to the list of endo specialists? I was supposed to have surgery with an endo specialist on the NHS but he has stopped operating. I don't know anything about the other gynaecologists at the hospital and won't meet them until the day of my surgery and even that isn't guaranteed. Feeling let down by the NHS yet again and getting stressed out about it xx

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Hi - try not to stress out as it's best to try and take a methodical approach. If you were to be operated on by a named specialist at a BSGE centre and they can no longer do it then it would be against regulations to just put you with any gynaecologist without you knowing who and having the chance to check them out, unless they are also named on the BSGE list. If you are in England you can choose anyone you want and can change to another centre. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find a specialist and feel free to send me a private message if you need more help.


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